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    First I would like to say hello to all the old members that's been using this site for years and years. It has been years since I've been on this web site and even longer years since I cut anything on my CNC, in fact it has taken my two days to find it under all the garage crap that was stored on top of it.

    Not going into too much detail but I've been really poorly for the last 36 months and then my wife had a brain tumour well we've had the all clear for 12 months next (x-ray) plus she is getting better and stronger by the day.

    So now I’ve dusted the cnc machine down and ready to start using in again.

    I have two project's I would like to make this year
    first is an Oak table to sit next to my BBQ because you know there is never a work top dash table to prep salad veg

    Second project is a drag knife to make stencils as I have bought the wife an air brush for her card making.

    I will supply a dxf for the drag knife and would like the holder machined in alloy or stainless steel as my garage gets quite damp in the winter

    Thank you James

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