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    Good morning

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently built my own machine and took my existing 2.2kw water cooled spindle/and Huanyang VFD from my old machine and moved it over.

    For the new machine I decided on a Phoenix CNC board to control things. Everything but the spindle is working correctly.

    The board will allow me to turn on/off the spindle which seems to work fine. It also outputs up to 10v from the PWM socket when not connected to the VFD.

    When connected to my VFD and the VFD is turned on it will automatically draw almost 3v from the board (without an M3 command).

    I can't get an accurate speed on the spindle. When running can't get a speed over 15000 rpm when set at 24000k.

    The board is connected via VI and GND.

    I've done a full reset on the VFD. I've checked the G code settings. I've re-setup the vfd with the settings as per this page:


    I did change PD070 to 0 for 0-10v but everything else is the same. I even upgraded the boards power supply to 24v on the off chance it could not supply the voltage.

    It's like the VFD is drawing in voltage, it's as if it needs a standard 3v then needs to be 'topped up' by the board. Every measurement I take from the board is approx 3v lower than the expected if you turned 10v/24000 rpm.

    I've checked the board when not connected to a VFD and the output is as you'd expect at 0/12/24k rpm.

    I'd appreciate any insight or thoughts on this.

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    I just had a go at something else — I hooked the spindle up to an older board and didn’t have this voltage draw issue.

    At the same time I didn’t connect the switch connections as they go through a relay on an ardunio board.

    I then hooked up the Pheonix board with a relay to switch the on/off.

    Instead of 3v draw I only had 0.8 and could control the spindle with a better level of control. However the relays I used don’t have a low enough trigger voltage.

    There is correlation between the switch on/off and the PMW/gnd which seems really strange.

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    I've re-setup the vfd with the settings as per this page:

    I wouldn't trust that website, as some of those settings are wrong. Virtually all cheap chinese spindles are 2 pole, and he says to set the VFD to 4 poles.
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    Hi Gerry

    Any better tutorials for setting up a VFD. Those are also the settings I was given by the supplier.


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    PD003 and PD04 should be set to 400, not what that website says. I don't know of any one definitive tutorial, but there are a lot of threads at CNC Zone with the correct settings. Look for posts from "Mactec".
    And be aware, that there are also lots of posts with the wrong settings.
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    Hello Luke
    Strange enough I have the very same problem. Exactly the same. But with another VFD (Fuling) and another board (Pokeys57CNC) and another Spindle. The VFD settings seem to be correct as I can perfectly operate the Spindle manually. But when I connect to the Board - as you did - I have the same effect as you had.
    Therefore: Did you solve it? If yes: how? :-)

    And hint is appreciated!

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    Unfortunately not. I ended up throwing in the towel and sending the board back which was a real shame as it looked like a good board. I ended up using a Arduino mega flashed with GRBL. I just upgraded to the new CNC xpro V4. Both used external drivers. I haven't had an issue since...

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