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    Stepcraft S420 (~A3 sized) desktop CNC router. Fully set up and working with a PC running Mach3, an upgraded spindle (Kress 800), basic tooling (collet and 1/8" end mill and 3mm drill, all I needed!), and a table with homemade quietening box attached to it.

    I believe itís a version 1 machine but it has the brass rollers as per the version 2. I redrilled the spindle mount plate to allow clearance for the larger Kress 800.

    I've used it to cut out and drill 6082-T6 aluminium plates of 1.5-5mm thick to make parts for my microlight Phantom and other aircraft. Its probably as much as can be asked of the machine, it takes ~20mins to cut out a plate in shallow passes. But it produces more accurate and repeatable parts than I managed by hand.

    Its a basic beginners machine, a good introduction to CNC machining, good to learn about CNC on as not too expensive or dangerous, and German-made so works fine and has support if there are any problems (stoneycnc.com).

    The box hinges on the table to allow full access, and the lid opens separately to allow a quick and easy peek-in whilst in operation.

    Reason for selling: its taught me lots about CNC, now I've braved a bigger, more complex machine.
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    Collection from Windermere, Cumbria.

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    Hi Dr W, Is this still for sale? Interested. Sid

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    Hi Sid, it is still for sale. Sorry for the delay, I've been away on holiday last week. Regards, Paul.

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    Hi Paul, Thank you for getting back to me. Just purchased a larger cnc router a few days ago. Kind regards Sid

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    No problem, have fun!

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    Is this still for sale?

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    Hi Bing,
    no, sorry, it sold on ebay. It was an excellent first machine, well worth finding one, or buying a new one and building it.

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