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    Hi All,

    For all of my working life I'm been a freelance photographer, working for advertising agencies mainly in the UK with some international work too. Finally I've packed it in and want new challenges.

    Prop making and set building I've always done myself whenever possible and woodworking too has always fascinated me. I have a reasonable workshop with a good lathe, bandsaw etc and I've acquired some level of skill turning. Computers do not present a problem for me, although all my experience in Photoshop, Illustrator etc has all been on a Mac platform. I have some proficiency with Sketchup, although I realise that I am in for a serious bout of late nights with the appropriate software.

    A business opportunity has surfaced for me to supply quality ring/jewellery boxes. I am thinking about a CNC router and maybe a lathe too as a consideration. The working table size would not need to be much more than 300x200mm. The quality of the milling does need to be excellent though.

    I realise it is probably a good idea to think bigger, but I want to put a toe in the water and not an arm and a leg, initially at least. I have no aspirations to build my own and ideally would want to buy a used machine.

    If anyone could suggest a good options for me, with a budget of around 3K, I would be most grateful. I have seen the Proxxon FF 500/BL-CNC online, but there don't seem to be any great reviews for it.

    Many thanks and all the best.

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    Hi Bob,

    Welcome to the best CNC forum on planet Aqua!

    Just some thoughts that spring to mind . . . . .

    What material would you need to machine? Aluminium Alloys, Brass, Acrylics, Hardwood, Laminates, Stone, etc.

    Would it be possible for you to post some sketches of the types of products you would be making?

    Keep in mind that there are normally guys on this forum who could produce prototypes or whatever for you (if helpful to reduce pressure on yourself in the earlier stages of your new venture).

    Good luck, and please don't mention the cricket,


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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks so much for your reply. This forum does seem to be amazing, so many like minded people sharing their extensive knowledge. I'm so glad I came across you all!

    Mainly I'll be working with exotic timbers. High density, tool blunting Snakewood, Lacewood, Cocobolo etc. Some inlays possibly with metal powders/AC glue and acrylics. Also creating composite blanks with different timbers.
    I'm bringing in from the US a very small table saw made by Byrnes Model Machines. It's very accurate and beautifully engineered and used by model ship makers, which is another world out there ........!

    Certainly I will want to engrave images of plant forms like ferns, flowers, succulents etc into the curved lids of circular forms and boxes. Sizes around 65mm diameter and rectangles 150x100.

    I'll post some pictures later today of the kind of thing I want to achieve, initially at least. The thing that I love about this kind of venture is not knowing exactly where this is going to go.

    Mainly thanks for your thoughts Andy,

    All the best to everyone out there,

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    Hi Andy,

    The boxes I want to produce would be varied, but a good start would be

    1. A cylindrical box like either of the boxes in the pics but plain and machined on the top. Either the bird or the fish, would be great.

    2. A deep carved box like the Japanese box show about 10mm diameter. Am I asking too much for someone new to CNC?

    3. OK, this must be ambitious. An acorn about 80mm in length, machined in English Oak.

    I hope these images attach and many thanks for your thoughts

    All the best,
    /Users/bobelsdale/Desktop/Upload/1copy.jpg/Users/bobelsdale/Desktop/Upload/2copy.jpg/Users/bobelsdale/Desktop/Upload/3 copy.jpg/Users/bobelsdale/Desktop/Upload/4copy.jpg/Users/bobelsdale/Desktop/Upload/5 copy.jpg

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