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    I gather that there is a problem with Mach3 and a recent Win10 update - 1803. Mach3 starts, brings up the splash screen, and then fails. I've been running Win7 as Win10 struggled on my garage machine, but a quick test on my main Win10 system seems to confirm this.

    I'm just going to stick with Win7, at least while it is supported, but it sounds like another nail in Mach3's coffin. I gather that there is some kind of fix available but for those of us who have to use an older version of Mach3 for CSMIO compatibility, I doubt that will help.

    Old habits die hard, but even I'm getting the feeling that Windows might not be the best platform for CNC use...

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    I am running XP Home on my CNC machine and it is fine. I think it age matches Mach3. I am not to enamoured of Win10. I had a problem where my NAS box suddenly became inaccessible after a windows update. It runs SMB1 and Microsoft have withdrawn support in favour of SMB2, which has better security. There is a simple fix, but it was a bugger to find.
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    W10 works fine with Mach3 but you have to install the patch.

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    "works fine" is a bit of a simplification! The patch is for Mach3 .062, which will work for most people. Unfortunately, some people need features that were added in .066 (no longer supported), and people like me who are using CSMIO controllers need .028 or tool-zeroing macros stop working. You are right, though, and this new patch will be fine for the majority of Mach3 users. However, it suggests that it might not be long until something happens with Windows that breaks even that.

    I can't complain - I knew that Mach3 was out of support when I bought it and that I had to "upgrade" to an even earlier version for my motion controller to work, and it's likely to carry on working with Win7. When (not if) Microsoft stop supporting Win7, I shall probably go to something like the UC300ETH + UB-1, which looks as if it might be almost a drop-in replacement for my CSMIO-IP/M (electrically, anyway) and with UCCNC would even give me a couple of features that don't work with the CSMIO, like proper master/slave homing.

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    You are of course right, it works with an older version. However, I am surprised that it works at all, being as old and unsupported as it was for so long time. I am using UCCNC with UC300Eth so I am not depending on Mach3 any more, just tested and made it working again after it got broke.

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