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    I would like to find a "simple" lathe CAM programme. A cut above Mach 3 Lazyturn and Wizards. But not wallet busting as I use the lathe infrequently. (Estlcam turn if it existed!! but sadly not)) There is a programme called Ecam that looks promising but info is a bit sparse. If any of you guys have tried this or any other programmes that might fit in the category. Would much appreciate your advice.

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    We use OneCNC which is at the lower end of cost compared to the likes of edgecam. A full professional suite though and not a cheap alternative to industry leading software.

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    Not the simplest, but it does have good turn functionality.
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    Yes I am using F360 and have access to other sophisticated programming, but by the time I have revised the methodology, again?
    The guy at Ecam informs me there is no PP for Mach3/4 and limited tool shape input. But otherwise almost there. So still searching.

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    Im using Fusion 360 and Linux, All free and works well, Lathe macros in Linux as well for quick one offs.

    Fusion is a bit difficult to learm but as its CAD and CAM its quick to update the CAM after minor tweaks to the design.

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