Having worked until recently in the home brewing market I decided to retire and make electric heating controllers for home brewers. I thought how good would it be to have my own CNC milling machine to make the required panel work, so I investigated and settled on one of these...

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It seems like a good machine and has an incredibly heavy cast iron chassis, my problem is it has no documentation other than a CD with Mach3 software which is mostly in Chinese. I have downloaded and installed a "proper" version of Mach3 and obtained a licence. I am reluctant to fiddle and would really like to find someone who has experience of this machine, or at least would be willing to point me in the right direction.

I have also purchased Aspire to create tool paths for the simple panels I need to make. I have outputted the G-Code and imported to Mach3, all looks okay to me, still have no idea what to do though!

A positive thing, I have a laptop running Mach3 which talks to the remote control Wi HXC motion controller okay.

This is the URL to the company I purchased from in China, they are great when you can get their attention, getting it is difficult though.