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    Just a little something I acquired three weeks ago. Beaver TC-20 CNC lathe with Sinumerik 820T controller. Only 6.25 tons !

    It sat idle for ten years due to the death of it's owner, and one of the lithium back up batteries burst spilling corrosive fluid all over the place.

    I've now got the control back up running but am yet to re-unite it with the lathe

    Full story so far is here:

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    Wow, that looks awesome. Will need to pop around and come take a look.

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    And you'll be very welcome Chaz :)

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    Wow nice work. Is this for fun or have you got a business?

    I had to justify and work on the reasons I needed a lathe for about a year before getting the green light on my little Warco!
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    No, I'm retired and playing in my dotage. Here are two other CNC lathes I've brought back from the dead in the last couple of years:

    Denford MIRAC (just a baby) https://madmodder.net/index.php/topic,12452.0.html

    Traub TNG350G (a monster) https://madmodder.net/index.php/topic,8261.0.html

    I enjoy the challenges these machines present, and it keeps my grey cells working, but if you take time into consideration no way is it ecconomic even if i charged minimum wage !

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    Happy new tool day!

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