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    Hi All,
    I'm about to hit 'retirement' and have rediscovered CNC machining. I first started about 35 years ago when you had to program by G codes only - no fancy software then. I only programmed for 2 or three years and I see things have moved on a tad since then.

    I'm interested in getting a Boxford 190 VMC to machine mainly small ally components.

    Reading the post I was curious as to why people upgrade their Boxford machines to Mache 3. Why is this?
    Is it because you cannot purchase the Boxford software?
    or perhaps of other advantages?

    I would be most interested to hear the views of the forum.

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    Welcome to the forum. There are a few Boxford users on here so you should get an answer soon. Probably because they have updated the electronics to a modern standard and need a piece of control software that can support or have an add-in added the can talk to the new hardware?

    Things have changed a lot in that time. You can still write gcode if you want or enter commands direct one a time into the MDI. But most draw what they want on CAD then run it through CAM to create the code then export the gcode in the right flavour that the control software can use. Mach3 is often there on the list of supported control software as it is popular for hobbiests.
    Have a look at Fusion360 - free for hobbiests with CAD and CAM built in

    Linux CNC and uccnc are also popular and the controller hardware is now very capable with USB or better still Ethernet based units, plus stepper drivers are now digital with resonance control and stall detect (under some circumstances).

    A few hobby machines have gone with full servo control but that does cost more so there are also clearpath style steppers, or even regular steppers when driven correctly can often be plenty good enough.

    If you get a Boxford and want to upgrade there are plenty of gurus on here to give specific help.
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