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    I have one of those super cheap NEJE DK-8-FKZ laser engravers.

    For what it cost it does a reasonable if slow job. It successfully cuts brown paper to make stencils. it's limited 35x35mm workspace is not too much of an issue for me.

    The software if comes with is basic but it does work.

    However it works in a raster, so it scans across, one line at a time.

    I assume this is because it's normally engraving bitmaps.

    Is there a way to speed up cutting stencils by driving it in vectors? (without having to swap out the controller).

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    Can't believe a 1000 people read this, but no replies!

    Oh well. I'll get my coat...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Can't believe a 1000 people read this
    Wow! I didn't realise this forum was so popular.

    Without a major firmware change, your laser engraver is destined to remain as is. You might want to try http://www.laserengraverforum.com for a better chance of a meaningful response.
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