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    I am still considering which mill to get.
    One of my biggest problems is the space I have available in my garage workshop.

    Can someone with a Seig sx2.7 take measurements please and save me a 150 mile round trip with my tape measure?

    How much floor space do I need to get full travel of the bed, and have enough room to work if the mill is located against a wall?

    I see some people advocating putting a mill in the corner of the workshop - Is this a good idea? Again, what is the footprint required for full use?

    Arc Euro Trade sell the sx2.7 with 2 bed length options.
    If anyone can answer these questions, can you also let me know which size bed your mill is fitted with please.


  2. Why don't you just give Arc a call?

    In reality, it'll be bed length + bed travel + a bit room to get your hand on the handle, so either 740mm or 860mm + 500mm gives the minimum room, then add a 100mm or so for getting your hand on the handle at extreme travel.
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    Better specs on the Amadeal AMAT25LV imho.
    (When they get it in stock that is)

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