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ID:	24591Hi everyone, I’m kinda new here and wanted to get some advice on converting my lathe standard motor to a VFD controlled DC motor. I’ve seen many people on YouTube using treadmill motors on their machines. I’m thinking about doing something similar but using a 1hp brushless servo motor from an industrial sewing machine, would anyone think it would work? The motor speed is controllable from 50-3500rpm from the vfd that comes as a package, the price reasonable at 110
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    A Google search on the image leads to this eBay advert:


    The picture is identical, but the power is 400W which is more like 0.5 HP - is there another version? What sort of lathe do you have, is 400W enough power? Apart from the power it looks like quite a nice package, can't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

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    Thanks for your response
    I’ve got a Halifax 524, copy of the Atlas 10”.

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    I think most of the motors are 400v, not sure if that’s gonna be enough power.

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