I've done a lot of soul searching and come to the conclusion that I haven't got the space for my planned router - so I've bought a mill and will be doing a CNC conversion with that, and using the steel bench that I'd made for the router as a generic bench for the mill and my old Denford (addresses my mixed needs for spindle speeds with having two machines).

As a result, I have the steel frame that I was going to use for the rails - welded construction from 90x90x3 steel, fairly square and flat (flat enough for an epoxy bed for the rails). Size is 1400mm x 730mm (external), there're 4 9mm holes drilled - two either end along the short sections.

One long section is drilled and tapped M5 x 60mm centres to mount a 1m linear rail, there's one similar drilled/tapped hole on the other long section (I'd got as far as mounting and aligning the rails).

Could do with a wipe down with acetone - you can see the sticky outline of the tape I'd used to dam the epoxy - which I've removed (there was a couple of sections which weren't mixed correctly and the surface there never set).

Clearly, a very bespoke bit of iron. Cost me > 100 to fabricate, but I realise that there's little value to a third party. I'm prepared to let someone pick-up for free if you can use it, but please understand that I could drop it off at the tip and be back home before my cup of tea went cold - so don't make it a chore for me. Collection from Preston Lancashire. It's currently outside the shed, so will be growing rust.

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