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    looking at the circuit diagram I linked to

    this a simplified diagram of the low voltage supplies to the control circuit

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XMT2360 low voltage supply circuit.jpg 
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    R17 is the large resistor on the board

    its value is 15 K (15000 ohms)
    in parallel with a 100K resistor that gives you a total of 13K

    if you get more than 13K then R17 will need replacing
    has R17 changed colour ?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XMT-2360.jpg 
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    the resistors drops the rectified mains down to 22V at terminal K4 is linked to K3

    with K3 & K4 open circuit I would of expected you to have 200V DC

    if terminal K4 was shorted to earth
    a number of semiconductors will need checking
    starting with Z1 the 22V zenner and the 78L12 regulator IC

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    The machine in question is in fact my X3 mill and not the C3 lathe.

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