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    Recently purchased this machine. It was all up and running until being transported to my workshop but I now have a problem homing the x axis. The y and z axis ok. The x travels towards the homing position but hits a hard stop. The motor keeps running and can only be cancelled by hitting the emergency stop. I assume there is some sort of micro switch that should be triggered but I am at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Certainly sounds like a sensor problem.

    I can't remember where the sensor is located on a Novamill, but given it's only happened since being moved, I'd start with checking all the pins are true and still in position in the big connector. They can get bent when disconnected, or I've seen them push through the housing so they don't make contact.
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    The Novamill is similar in someways to the Starmill, I can tell you that on the starmill the X home switch is on the front underside of the right-hand side of the table. There's a tapered length of steel that actuates a microswitch.

    Might be similar on the Novamill?

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    hi guys thank for the info found the homing switch under the front plate on the x axis need to test it tomorrow
    also I need to check the main plug between machine and electronics wiggled it about and x would only jog in 0ne direction ok now more investigation tomorrow
    many thanks all Geoff

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