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    Good question. I reasoned that profile rails and supported rails conform to whatever you bolt them to, but round rails have their own built in straightness.
    So your second surface grinder build will use profile rails?
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    Oh , yes, very good

    Here are a few questions I am pondering...

    One of the best features of CNC surface grinders is that once you diamond dress the stone you know the exact height of it above the chuck. Is that information worth preserving for the next session? I'm wondering if the ON/OFF switch should apply a precision brake to the Z screw before cutting the power.

    Do I need to seal all the workings dust tight or will the wipers already fitted on the linear bearings and screws suffice?

    Do I need to machine the inside of the RSJ flat, to square off the rails, or will the rolled stel consistency compensate for the rolled steel innaccuracy?

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    The coolant/grinding wheel/ground metal, produces a very fine grinding paste so if wipers did work it would not be for long.
    This is the minimum spec machine in terms of safety and ability to grind. It may be cheaper to buy a complete machine that needs a rebuild and fit motors on the handwheels. I paid 250 for mine and magnetic chucks on there own will not cost much less.
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    Colin, I don't think you quite understand what is going on.
    I don't actually need a surface grinder.
    I want to play with a surface grinder.
    Making it to my own design is merely the icing on the cake.
    I do this for fun

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    Motor fits on okay. No vibes when it hangs from the screw, gentle vibes when I prop it. Weird.

    Now waiting for the 20mm rail which is the grinder shaft, the 30mmx2 nuts and left hand die for securing the stone, the stepper motors/drivers etc., and the time to fit it all together.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What clearance bearings are you using?

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    No idea. Do you think it matters? I will be running them in an oil bath.

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    Are you expecting issues when you get to fitting it all together?

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    Assembly is easy.
    I am expecting 'issues' when I grind my first, large, flat surfaces and then put them face to face with a smear of engineer's blue.
    Question is, will I be able to correct it?
    It is not easy to get your head around a lack of flatness and see through it to a probable cause and solution.
    I will either succeed or become bored and do something else

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    370 worth of Japanese stepper technology arrived on Tuesday and I am still fondling it. I get a stiffy from just reading the spec sheets

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