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    Hi all,

    I joined this forum just now because I'm trying to look for 5-axis CNC Machinists around the Derby/ Nottingham area in the UK, but I'm struggling to find the right people! I've been told by a few local CNC machinists that most of the jobs they've gone for have been through word of mouth, so I hoped to pick your brains for good ways I can find the right kind of people, as you're a hard to find bunch!

    I'm also trying to learn more about CNC machining in general, so I'd appreciate any advice you're able to throw my way.


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    Personally , although I don't live anywhere near you... would be to offer flexible jobs. ATM I split my time between HGV Class 1 and machining on my machines. I'm in my 50's and share 1 job with 3 other guys, which means there's never a sick day or holidays because we all cover each other. I do 1-3 days one week and maybe none for a fortnight then a 5 days and a weekend etc, we just come to an arrangement between us. The boss is happy as long as the trucks moving. Kids have no interest in driving now the average age of Class one driver is 54. Same with most industry's unless their making games. Offer job splits, its the future. Entice people out of retirement to top up their savings. We formed a LTD company between 4 of us so we could incorporate our hobby's / beer money jobs in with the other money. Get the benefits of low tax and expenses through the company. Flexibility is the future of jobs, plus you triple your skill pool and have built in redundancy cover.

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    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
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    That's a really interesting idea! I can suggest that, thank you very much.

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    Yeah, I didn’t think you would get much of a response to be honest. Small engineering shops around my area are closing every week. Not from the lack of work but lack of people wanting to do the job, especially younger people. I had a next door neighbour who came over from Poland about 10 years a go, who’s a skilled tool maker. He worked for a small machine shop making specialist parts for AUDI cars. After 18 months he landed a job in a call centre for BT. Same money expect far less work and nicer environment. The machine shop has folded, equipment sold and shipped to Turkey. You just can’t compete its sad to say, who wants to stand at a machine for 9 hours a day with ear / eye protectors on? My advice (and it might be shit) go full robotic and specialise. If you think its bad now its only going to get worse as more and more things are produced for less money outside our country.

    Fiction is far more plausible when wrapped around a thread of truth

    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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