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    I need to do some machining on the side of a small brass 0.8 mod rack (drilling and counterboring). I can't hold the rack in a vice because it'll damage the rack's teeth, so I was thinking of sticking the rack to a base plate with some sort of wax and then holding the base plate in the vice. I've found a few suppliers of fixturing wax in the states - Anyone know of a source in the UK?

    An alternative would be superglue, which I've used in the past, but I don't like the fumes that result from heating up the glue to separating parts when finished. I also don't want to subject the rack to excessive heat.

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  2. ..I should add, I'm not using double-sided tape or superglued back-to-back masking tape because they'd like mess with my tolerances.

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    I have a mini Taig lathe ,I have seen many time people attach at the lathe's chuck a rod,truen it and the glue the part they want to machine on the shaft with CA glue. After they finish the machining they use heat to melt cyanoacrylic glue and detached the parts.
    Maybe you can do something like that.

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