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  1. Normally the chucks are fixed to the arbor by a taper, so tapping the chuck would just dislodge the chuck, but if you are lucky and the chuck is stuck on the JT taper, you might be able to dislodge the MT2, taper in the quill.
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    Normally it does do that but recently if i wind it back it jams and doesnt push the morse taper out. I have had the tailstock apart and cant find any issues with it.
    All that normally does the extracting, is the tail stock leadscrew hits/pushes the end of the MT adapter.
    Could it be the end of the screw has worn down a bit (or could be the MT adapter is a bit short) and the tailstock quill is now bottoming out before the screw hits the adapter?

    If you can get the quill out, find a punch/bit bar that'll drop down the thread hole, and you should get the adapter out with a couple hammer blows.
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    I've took the tail stock part and noticed I couldn't get the screw all the way through the morse taper insert. I re tapped the part and I will see how that goes.

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    We alway used to (and i still do on a drill press) take two hammers and simultaneously knock both sides of the socket at the same time, even very stuck tapers will come out then.

    On a lathe there is more limited room mind you.

    I used to have a Hobbymat MD65 like yours and when you wound the tailstock in it always pushed out the taper, rather a pain actually...
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