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    Ok, thanks!

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    Iím about to get the remaining parts that I need for the PSU and I would need some input.
    Here is what I got so far.

    Toroidal transformer, 2x36V, 800 VA. I intend to wire the secondary in parallel to get about 48V rectified.
    A cap rated 80V, 27000 uF.

    Looking at a rectifier rated at 600V 35A. I learned that the rectifier values should exceed the actual values.
    My steppers are rated at 5 amps max and thereís 4 of them. Is it a problem choosing a rectifier that exceed the actual Volts to much?

    Do I need a bleed resistor over the cap? If so, any recommendations of the proper value of the resistor?

    Any recommendations regarding fuses? Type, value and so on?
    I donít know what they are called in English but I have seen like a flip fuse mounted on a din rail beside the PSU.

    Volt readouts?

    Would appreciate some input and input in general here, thanks!
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