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    What are your steps per mm settings for x and y axis ?
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    I checked this at the beginning and it was fine...320 steps/ mm, 1600 micro steps on the stepper drive, 5mm / rev on the ballscrew.The same settings for all axis

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cncnescu View Post
    Yes, it will return to the position, so it's not the noise.
    So this also rules out reversed polarity problems... right?

    If you are convinced the total combined rigidity/flex cant be the problem....

    You can try with a 6mm cutter with a lot less flex..

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    Today I discovered that my VDF was set on CCW rotation and the cutter used for MDF was a right hand one. After changing to CW on MDF I get the right dimension.
    However on the wood plate on a 40x40 square it's all perfect, but when I switched to a bigger 80x80 square I get again wrong dimensions 80x79.8.
    Normally it should work also on a bigger square but at least half of the issue was solved.
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