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    Good morning all,

    I have just joined this group .

    After looking through posts old and new I still need your help with connecting my laptop to the lathe.

    I downloaded the software version 4.3 homing on to a Windows 98 computer which is installed.

    I changed into administrator mode to alter the settings on the ports etc.

    The lathe has a 25pin socket on the back and a button on top( I don't know what this is for).

    I tried all configurations of connections 25pin to 25pin....usb to 25pin but they don't seem to communicate.

    Is there a way of knowing if the onboard computer is working ..there are 3 leds alight when you drop the cover and switch on.

    When I export a program it can't find the lathe, do I have to run in MS-DOS mode?

    I could send photos of the boards as I think it has had an upgrade..the guys at boxford will only upgrade the eproms to the latest version and want 1000 +

    Can anyone help..all the rest of the machine is working fine in manual mode .



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    Hi John,
    You might need a USB to serial converter to work it

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    Quote Originally Posted by warden55 View Post
    Hi John,
    You might need a USB to serial converter to work it
    Hi warden55 ...many thanks for your reply..
    I have ordered a usb to 24pin serial cable...fingers crossed...
    I will post if it works.
    Have you got one of these lathe?


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    Mine works with a USB to 9 pin serial converter which is then connected to a 9 pin to 25 pin plug that fits the machine, it wouldn't work on USB to 25pin.
    I was told by Boxford that it needed it and that it should be a good quality one !
    I bought a mid-priced one and it works ok (at the time of this being typed)
    Good luck

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    Hi ...thanks for the advice...we had no joy with the usb to 9pin then 25pin convertor.. what version are you running...boxford said version ,4 homing is that right?
    Thanks again

    Also how can you tell if you have connected successfully...we are just try to export programs with no luck...

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