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    Where can i get some oak boards for sign making in the UK?

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    Northeast-timber on ebay may be worth looking at. Had a few good pieces from them before - but delivery is a little expensive.

    You could also try Oak Leaf Creations at Nottingham if you can get there. Mostly non-planed planks and waney edge up-to about 3m in length. The stuff I bought was about 8ft in length and between 9 and 12 inch in width. And somewhere around 1.5+ inch thick. The stuff looks at bit shonky at first, but it planes up great. The guy also has a great workshop so he may cut to spec if you ask.
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    my local jewsons sells lots of oak in their timberstore. also google local timber suppliers. you never know what you'll find locally

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    Thank you for the responses. I have a jewsons close by I'll check it out.

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