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    My name is Mike Rehmus.
    I live in Vallejo, CA which is about 25 miles from San Francisco on U.S. Interstate 80 towards Sacramento, the capital of California.
    I publish the magazine, Model Engine Builder for model engineers who build operating scale model steam, Stirling and IC engines.
    I own two CNC desktop mills, A TAIG with stepper motor drive and FlashCut electronics and a DynaMyte 2200 converted to Servo drive with DeskCNC electronics. Both have a shop-built 4th axis. The TAIG has a TAIG headstock driven by a stepper with a timing belt reduction, the Dyna has a shop-built headstock driven by a servo-drive harmonic drive.
    I also have a Qidi X-one 3D printer for shop jigs and tool organization needs. Well, that's what I told my wife but it also makes nice toys.
    I have an inexpensive 2.5 watt Chinese laser cutter for cutting gaskets. It works slowly but I should have purchased a 40 watt unit.
    I regularly use Alibre Design for drawings for the magazine and to create source files for the CNC software. I use Gearotic software for gear generation
    CNC software is usually Vectric's VCarve Desktop because it does great 2D or 2.5D work which is mainly what I need. I have MeshCam for 3D work but it has miserable tool path optimization (none). I would switch to Fusion 360 and it's optimized 3D CAM if I needed good 3D capability.
    Next shop project is to convert the Logan 10 inch lathe to a VFD-driven 3-phase motor to match the Bridgeport drive setup and to install the TouchDRO electronics to the installed Chinese DRO spars ( a friend has this setup and it really works well) and then add on a stepper-drive for the leadscrew.
    Finally, I am considering designing and building a vertical frame CNC Router. Vertical because my shop is quite small for the amount of equipment.
    Just got back from visiting a good friend in Cheltenham during the recent dry spell.

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    I thought I recognised the name, as I used to subscribe to MEB many years ago. One day I may even get around to building some of the engines.
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