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    Hi guys.

    I am planing upgrade Z axis on my mini mill this winter and i would like to new spindle as well.
    My current mt3 spindle have terrible run out.

    Does anyone have experience with ebay BT30 spindle?
    Does it worth 230 (including postage)?


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    Thank you.

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    3000rpm max speed?
    I don't think much to that.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    max rpm limit is not an issue.
    i am using most of the time hss endmills and u have a time :)

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    3000RPM is poor for the size of bearings used, but then it is using a rubbish bearing setup, which isn't likely to handle high loads for very long.
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    I bought similar 0.75KW 1 HP, water sealed 3000-8000 rpm with 5 bearings
    Paid 153 + 18 custom DHL, coming on Fri
    I will use mostly for steel light cutting - max 25mm milling head with max 1000 rpm
    Now looking for servo drive as firstly was about to use 3ph motor with same power, but body is longer than spindle so can not be mount beside (2nd picture)
    Any suggestion for servo drive please?

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