I've just bought a little 3018 engraver from Rattmmotor.

At the price, I wasn't expecting much but I was acually quite surprised at the quality of the kit. Great packing, prompt delivery with tracking from Germany, everything was there, including a set of allen keys and everything fits perectly. No binding, so obvious slack or wobbly bits.

Individual parts where all very well made, no burrs, scratches ec. The only 3d printed part is the Y axis Z carrier.

Obviously being unsupported rails, there is flex but I'm not exepecting to start milling out steel parts!

The Z axis was pre-assembled.

Everything, including the basic software, worked first time too.

Anyway, going forward, I would be interested in recommendations for software for design an control. I currently use Sketchup and am learning Fusion360.

For simple 2d engraving, I will probably use Inkscape which has a gcode export facility.

Are there better options for 2d engraving software? (without spending ££££)

I don't really want to get started making a rod for my own back!