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    I have an older Sieg/Arc X3 CNC mill conversion. In fact one of the first I believe. It has developed some backlash in the X axis. It appears to be in the ballnut area or the ballnut housing. There is no backlash in the connector between screw and stepper. - I seem to remember that something here is prone to coming loose. But have checked everything I can see, short of dismantling.
    If any of you guys can shed any light on the problem. I would be extremely grateful for your advice,

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    Now fixed. Thank you.

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    I'll take a punt and say you had to at least partially dismantle to find the issue?
    Always nice to add detail for the next guy who searches, and finds your post?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    A little detail:- This was the problem. There are two small 5mm screws that "secure" the X axis bearing block to the Y axis carriage. These were "like something in an old fashioned piece of headwear".

    As the Y axis screw was covering them, the screw needs to be wound back to the Y axis block out of the way, after removing the stepper, the two aluminium keeper blocks and unscrewing the coupling shell. The two bearings are pulled off the shaft and the Y screw can then be freely rotated back to expose the 5mm screw positions. It is required to pull the loose table assembly forward about another 2", to clear completely.

    Then fully degreased the screws and their sockets before fitting star washers and copious thread lock.

    Hard to believe that the integrity of my machine relied on two 5mm screws and no washers?

    I am a bit protracted here for the sake of any other owners. - So if you have the exposed spindle type steppers, clamp something on there and rock the shaft while checking underneath for movement in these two screws above the Y axis ballscrew.

    Hope yours are tight!

    Should add here that this was one of the early conversions and was not supplied directly by Arceurotrade.
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    Thanks for sharing your solution!
    I'm just converting a Chester mill which uses a clamping arrangement, I'll be using medium strength thread locking compound on the clamp screws and a gap filling bonding compound on all the flat faces which clamp together,
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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