I have a Unimatic EduCam 20 machine. The machine has a working area of X 200mm Y 150mm Z 100mm. A solid small starter CNC hobbyists machine package.

I have a Galaad Hobby licence usb dongle which allows a 'automatic machining of a maximum of 25 objects with 100 coordinates per object' (the following link will take you to info on Galaad: http://www.galaad.net/prices-eng.html) The CAD/CAM software can be downloaded for free.

The machine has had very little use (ex school use in a graphics room and would come with a set of collets) The Isel UFM 500 spindle motor is currently making 'noises'. I've checked the brushes, which seem ok so I suspect the motor/bearings are on the way out. I was thinking of asking for offers around £1000 for the machine, however as a new 500w 240V spindle motor costs around £180 I was thinking of offers at around £800 for the lot (link to direct Kress replacement: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Milling-M...wAAOSw5KtajXVF)

I'm based in Kendal and can send some photos to anyone interested.