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    Anyone tried a Chinese Smoothstepper please?

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    Can you post a link?
    The 20 ebay jobs look nothing like the Warp9 product so I'm guessing they haven't even bothered to copy one and just use the product name to suck in marks.
    Make sure you get support for the Mach3 Plugin the seller supplies with it and that it doesn't only run on a hacked version of Mach3 as that's a right can of worms!
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    These ain't no smoothstepper:
    At least it's usb I guess.

    For a basic 3-4 axis via parallel port these are brill at under 5:

    If you plan on a 4+ axis mill with 3+ axis tool changer & pdb, fluid control, auto oil, spindle control, probe etc then it's the proper Warp9 ESS all the way with up to 3 of those 5 boards attached :)

    One thing I will say though is myself I have yet to get Win7 32bit working reliably on the parallel port. WinXP is flawless.
    So I reckon:
    For a Win7 build it's usb or ethernet.
    For parallel it's XP.

    No idea why my Win7 via parallel isn't reliable, had the same result on 2 new pc's. Both of them with XP installed were flawless.
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