Hi, this is my first post.

I have owned an 1000mm x 1000mm XCarve for two years now and have used it all the time. Today, the router completely failed, even after replacing the worn brushes, and the machine itself has been causing me a lot of problems too recently. More to the point, I am wanting to run larger, more aggressive cuts as well as perform deeper, more accurate 3D carving operations, having now learnt to use CAM in fusion 360.

For a long time I have been wanting to tackle more serious projects, possibly for sale. For this I am looking to pay a bit more to get a machine that will last (no more than 10,000) that can cut a full sheet of plywood. The time investment and need for reliability is what deterred me from building it myself. I like the kits offered by CNCRouterParts, but I would much prefer to find a UK or Europe-based supplier to avoid huge shipping and customs fees. I could also service the machine much more conveniently. Having looked around a bit, it seems there are far less reviews on UK-made machines. I would love to here what machines or companies you would recommend with all this in mind.

(I primarily work with 18mm plywood.)