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    Hello to all from sunny West Yorkshire!

    Finally got around to registering on the forum :-)

    I have been in the hobby for quite a long time and have several machines, some working and some in various stages of conversion from legacy controls.

    Mills: Denford Novamill & Micromill
    Lathes: Emco Compact 5, Boxford Duet, Denford Orac
    Routers/engravers: Isel ICP 4030, Roland
    Controllers: LinuxCNC, EaziCNC (Conqueror), Kay/Gallad, Centroid Acorn (recent acquisition).
    CAD/CAM: Mainly Fusion360 nowadays but have used many others in the past

    Currently migrating the Orac from LinuxCNC to Centroid, trying to learn Centroid conversational programming.

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    Hi Chris and welcome to the forum, you seem to have quite a collection there. I have just converted a Novamill to Linuxcnc using a mesa 7i92 Ethernet card.

    Good luck with the conversion.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know


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