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    Hi, can someone please help me out. I have an old Roland 2300 which I would like to run on Mach3. Can anyone please let me know if itís possible to use the machines axis motors. Would it be possible to update the axis part but keep the machines spindle motor as is. If not. What breakout board would allow control of both axis and spindle. What psi would I need, and apart from the axis stepper drives what else is needed. Thanks. Michael

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    In the event that no one here has done exactly that then photos, component details (including stepper labels, wiring etc.), and as much other technical info as you have would help anyone who hasn't done exactly this to help you ;-)

    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I did a Roland CAMM-3, wrote a new ROM and took control of all the steppers, buttons, twizzlers, lights, displays, bells and whistles. Good fun

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    Hi, just completed the conversation of the 2300. I took out all the old control boards and fitted in a new CSMIO motion control board as I wished to get away from using printer ports. The wiring to the stepper motors was easy, but I find that the spindle motor was making to much noise so I replaced that also with a new 500w spindle and control unit from eBay. To get a bit more movement on the z axis I also replaced this for a small z axis unit also purchased off eBay. The machine runs very well but I have lost the Rev counter display. It now all works with mach3 and I can use the software I am use to. I am just waiting for the cable tidy to turn up and all will be well.

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