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    one 1998 isel fb2 cnc machine floor mounted no table
    about 450 square cutting area at 100mm depth
    quality machine
    I have fitted a new Makita 65mm router trimmer to it
    I fitten bi polar parallel 8 wire motors, new connectors
    it has a leaf boy break out board
    mini drives 3a - with 3 spares -somewhere
    maybe a spare psu
    I can set ypour mach 3 up on it too
    I have a file on my pc -the dll
    its great machine but doesn't get used anymore -full time job, not used it in YEARS
    quickish sale 1400
    I paid a grand for the basic gantry system them 400 on the router 100
    leaf boy bob 150 - when they were 150
    new motors from cnc uk or where ever it was now forget how much
    IT might have been more money???
    please note the machine is on the third floor
    you need to take off the z axis at least and its a two man lift down
    will go in an estate car
    no offers

    also for sale
    3 200w Panasonic minas a4 brand new motors nad couplings
    plus 3 used matching Panasonic minas a4 drives
    I think I payed 120 each for the drives and 75 each on the new motors
    so call it 500
    0774 858 2044
    collection from Fulham London

    low use on spindle only eber cut upto 10mm foam pvc!!!

    isel fb2
    into google
    there are two pics of it
    one in the back of my car when I first bought it
    one in situ
    yes - I was the first to use a Makita router trimmer style router...…………………..
    the control box is a bit diffent now - the lid does close.
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