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    Hello guys . I'm Denis . 27 years old and wanna dive head first into building myself a cnc machine . I come from a 3d printing background and have a few ideas about what I want to build (not sure if the right ones tho ) . The task that I want to build the machine for is to mill / engrave electronic enclosures from plastics , wood and maybe aluminium at some point with dimensions no more than 120mm on the z and 50 /100 on the x and y . be able to drill and mill recess areas accurate would be great . have't thought about software yet but as hardware I was thinking C aluminium extrusions with lead screws with a moving gantry . I undestand the stress and loads generated when milling are much higher than when 3d printing so I'm opened up to suggestions and guidance . thanks :)

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    Welcome aboard Denis,
    if you have a read through some of the build threads here I'm sure you'll pick up some good information, and always ask before spending your hard earned cash as here you can harvest the experience of those who have gone before and made all the mistakes ;-)

    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I'll go have a look in the threads . To be honest I do not earn a lot doing my job and having some extra cash to spend on some parts from time to time it's all I got . That's why I'm thinking to build the cnc and not just go out and buy one. Building one would allow me to buy the parts separately and not spend the whole amount in one go . Thanks again for the advice . I'll go have a look in a bit

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