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    I am planning on using circular TBR rails which won't have the best accuracy. is it worth it to surface grind or epoxy level for the rails ?!
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    I would not bother with grinding for round rails.

    Save the money and spend it on profile linear bearings (hiwin, thk etc)

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    For my build, which uses supported round rails, I just bolted them strait to the steel tube.
    The whole thing is bolted together, not welded.
    I checked the flatness of the steel with a length of aluminium extrusion I had lying around and a feeler gauge (it was the straightest thing have), and the steel was only out by a max of 0.15mm. The measurement was repeatable using both sides of the aluminium.

    When i get around to final assembly i might shim the low spots to try and remove the small errors.

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    Since i don't have money for a a square linear rail and grinding the square tubing wouldn't save enough money for square rails I guess i am gonna follow in @diycncs' foot steps.

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