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    This is looking fantastic John well done,

    Example of how the rails will be aligned by Laser cut Then countersunk by me later cams Held by 30mm x M8 CSK machine screws, screwed into the pre turned drilled and tapped inserts glued into the lapped mounting bars. (Prior to drilling and tapping the M6 holes to mount the liner rails). This will be done after the casting has been made, small errors in placement prior to casting is easily corrected here. The cams will also make a very rigid mount for the rails.
    I like the idea you've used for rail positioning with the disks/cams, what are the smaller holes in each disk for?

    Looking forward to seeing how the rollers come into play!
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    Hi Lee
    Would imagine for a peg spanner to align the cams prior to locking.

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    John ..
    Your work is the best I have ever seen in small mills in 16 years from 5bears on up.

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    Hi All

    Firstly I am remiss for not posting an update for a while. I am working on the gantry saddle and Z axis. I will post some photos soon.

    The small holes are indeed for a pin spanner. very little pressure is needed as the friction on the CSK machine screw tends to push the cam against the rail base. If you study the photo you can see they are not in line although the bolt holes are.

    The rollers are to allow the chip guard curtain, made from aluminium slat curtain or alternatively a piece of rubber, high temperature rubber to roll down at the front and back of he machine. You can see the curtain in place on the cad drawing on the first page of this post.


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    Hi All

    Some good progress. The saddle and Z Axis has been cast and machined.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    More photos at my blog at the other place.



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    Very nice build mate. Where abouts in Australia you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cncchris View Post
    Very nice build mate. Where abouts in Australia you located?
    G'Day Chris,

    If you hover your mouse pointer over a members national flag, the system shows what the member has given as their location.

    So in your case cncchris you live in Inverell?

    But some might question that Inverell is in Afghanistan?????

    Cheers, Andy
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    Lol suppose to be Australia. I'll update it

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    Hi All

    Its been a while since I posted on my machine build, alas not enough time.

    At last I have mounted the rails.
    I am extremely pleased with the results. the method I designed works as planned.

    I was able to position and drill the rails to within +- 0.001mm parallelism and straightness compared to my straight edge. When the machine is finally set up maybe this can be improved upon.

    Yes I know that temperature effects etc will mean the the final accuracy of the machine will not be as good as this. However today the dial indicator only moved +- one 0.001mm division.

    You can see the blog here:



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