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    Hi hope to get some advice on best CNC machine without costing thousands as we are a new company. We build mini arcade cabinets out of MDF, Max size panels we cut are approx 700mm by 700mm so donít think we need a massive CNC. We sometimes also cut Perspex so a machine that can cut both if possible would be great.

    What would a good starter model be, what would the cost be and has anyone got a link to some models? Donít mind buying second hand but would ideally need machine, software and whatever else is needed to simply connect a pc and get cutting. We have all our cabinet designs in DXF format. Please excuse me if they are daft questions or if I have missed something as really new to this so any help or guidance would really be appreciated.

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    Hi Arcade,

    Did you manage to find a machine ? Have you considered building your own ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Hi Arcade,

    Did you manage to find a machine ? Have you considered building your own ?
    Hi I wouldnít know where to start. Is it difficult?

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