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    Hi chaps. I am trying to wire up the CSMIO/IP-M board. and I am not getting very far. I cant read the wiring diagram on the net as its to small and when I try to print it larger it just looks like a lot of dots. so these are my questions
    1. do I need the input terminal block connected if I am using the ethernet cable ???

    2. on the outlet side terminal block how do I know which number on the block goes to which input on the stepper motor driver.

    3.do I need to use the Estop unit at all, can I loop it for testing on the worktop. is so how. I don't understand how this connects to the CSMIO unit,

    4. from what I have read I need to add a plugin to mach3 to make the CSMIO work. is this correct and how do I do that.

    sorry for all the questions.Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	estop.jpg 
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    The manual should answer all of your questions.
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