Has anyone used the following cnc router and would recommend? Can anyone also advise if this is all we would need to start cutting? Be mainly MDF and Perspex we would be cutting. Just really need to know if suitable for our materials and if any other hardware or software would be needed. Thanks.

Vico WorkBee Pro-7575 Professional CNC Machine Mechanical Kit 750x750mm Screwdriven version

This machine designed to work for scratching, cutting, engravingfor the most of materials.
Suitable to work with plastic, wood board, plexi glass, OAK, HDPE,FOAM and aluminium to 0.2mm accuracy or better.

Ideal for Joiners to design and produce furniture doors orother wood products, for woodworkers tocreate anything what you want, Art and Craft workers to design and create 2D,3D pictures, name plates, house numbers, gifts and many more different thingsin really wide range.

This machine designed as single or dual drive system too.
Available in Belt driven, Screw driven or as mixed (Belt &Screw).

The machine body three main components are the X, Y and Z axis,what are built from strong c shaped aluminium profile, allows to reduce the accidental shake.

What is in this Kit:
It comes as a WorkBee CNC Machine Mechanical Kit.
Included all mechanical parts for build a whole machine frame,
Such as aluminium profiles, screws, bolts,
wheels, X,Y,Z plates and much more small parts,
4 pieces Nema23 High torque Stepper Motors,
+ 1 pc Novusun 4 Axis USB Controller board,
+ 4pc TB6600 4A/40V Stepper Motor driver,
+ 1pc 24V/350W Power supply.
+ Mach3 software

Technical Specification:
Available Sizes:
Frame Size WorkingArea
500 x 750mm 300x 520mm
750x750mm 550 x520mm
750x1000mm 550 x 770mm
1000x1000mm 800 x 770mm
1000x1500mm 800 x 1270mm
1500 x 1500mm 1300 x 1270mm

Z Axis Height:
54mm Or 94mm Travel, 27mm Or47mm Work able depth, with a 12mm spoilerboard. The spoilerboard supports havetwo height configurations, these are the maximums for each configuration.
Drive System - ACME Lead Screws And/OrGT3 Timing Belts
LinearGuides - Polycarbonate wheels, anodised C-Beam V-SlotExtrusion.
Motors - NEMA23 High Torque Stepper Motors(X, Y & Z)
Accuracy - 0.05 - 0.10mm (Screw Driven)Or 0.10 - 0.20mm(BeltDriven)