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    Looking to sell in April 2019 , the machine has an assortment of 40 off TTS tool holders , 4 axis with centre , and tool changer that Iíve never used, also full enclosure thatís never been fitted, itís running on the latest version of path pilot, looking to sell as a whole or will separate the tool changer , enclosure, and 4th axis which ever works out best for me finacely, I will be ordering 2 off 1100 MX machines that wonít be ordered until March that why this canít go until April , we are based in Nottingham so you are welcome to view the machine at any time ( working hours ) 7.30 to 1800 hrs I will be posting some pictures over the weekend.


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    if this is still for sale could you post some photos please.

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    hi Rob,
    is this still for sale?

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    is this still for sale?

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    i am considering selling it in may subject to getting a good offer, it has a lot of tooling and spare parts, you are welcome to come and view the machine before making an offer( i would prefer that ) i cant let it go until then because thats when the mx will be available please give me a call on 01949 836223 thats a bingham nottingham number.


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    could you post some photos please as I'm unable to visit. cheers

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    Where are you living ?

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    just north of Inverness.

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    Would Invergordon be in the land of the wee midgies, or are you too far east for that?

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    would you mind posting some photos please.

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