Hello everyone, I am a new member at MYCNCUK, and have absolutely zero knowledge of CNC milling, but need to gain some, fast!

Black Diamond is the name of my 56 year old plywood boat, and it is about plywood that I need some urgent help. We run a small business making furniture dollies, and currently outsource our customer logo engraving, but this is expensive and we want to take the production (and skills) in house.

As our plywood boards are maximum 60cm square, I think I am right in understanding we would need a 60/90 work area. The logos we engrave are only required to be 1-2mm deep, so I am looking for a desktop solution that is reliable, yet as inexpensive as possible.

Can the experts here point me in the right direction for which type of machine I need, and some rough approximation of cost?

Best regards