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    Do you have any documentation for the controller?
    I have found only a Russian manual and I saw that the input pins they assign in mach3 are on port 3 and the pins 1, 2 from what I saw in pictures. You could try them.
    Mach3 has the diagnostic page but I'm not sure if those "leds" will light for any port number...

    edit: Maybe someone here with more experience with USB controller with mach3 can help you better.
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    Hi paulus.v,
    no, have no manual at all! Had to ask for some written description. What I then got is all about the setup, but nothing specific about the USB-Controller. So in this case - all I can do is guessing!
    As this USB-Controller board is not very expensive, I ordered a new one. Maybe I was lucky to get the only defective USB-Controller around! You never can tell.
    Anyways - I document everything relevant, and when I finally get it up and running (...hopefully), I will sit down and put it all together for others to set up such a machine easily. Promised!
    Thanks so far to all that tried to help! I will come back when the new USB-Controller is delivered!

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    I don't think the controller is defective. Maybe you didn't installed the proper plugin in mach3 or your mach3 version is not compatible with the plugin or maybe only the port and pins in mach3 are not set up correctly. Since your axis are moving correctly, I assumed you have the proper plugin installed.
    Hopefully you ordered a better USB controller card model than the one you already have.

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    Hi paulus.v,
    well, the software I got from China always came together with the RnR Motion Control software which is the Plug-In DLL for the controller-Box. As far as I complained in China, I now have two versions of cracked mach3 software and two versions of the USB-DLL of different file-size. None of them worked with the setting of the switches nor the Emergency-Mushroom-switch, which is originally wired by the maker. In addition - the third version - I tried the two plug-in-dll's with the original download from Newfangled. All of them ignored the switches. I also start to wonder if the problem is something so stupid / simple that I do not see it!
    Let's wait and see!
    But thanks for your effort!

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