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    Do I've just purchased a compressor and cabinet from machine mart to do sand blasting on aluminium parts. It's working very well and I'm very pleased with the setup. My only comment is it gives a very dull flat look to aluminium, are there any methods that would give a less dull finish I can try?

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    Sand/bead blasting always gives a matt finish.
    If you want a more shiny finish, then you need to look at vibratory polishing with suitable media.
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    Errrr well actually bead and sand are totally different medias and give different result's, sand will cut bead will peen the surface. This is the problem, you are using sand.. sand/grit is multi faceted and as such it cuts a bit like grinding wheel grit. Now imagine throwing balls at something and how it effects the surface. That is the difference between the two

    Bead (the right bead) is not a massive amount different to vapour blasting, vapour is just one stage further up the tree.

    Do some research online, tons of info out there, differences between, how to get a better finish etc. Tons on YouTube, people advertising there blasting business showing the differences. Speak to a proper blasting supply co about bead medias.... that is not machine mart by the way, talk to people that know what the are talking about. They will guide you and get you the best results, and yes, you will be be able to get a bright finish on Ally by using bead
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