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    SOLD - Openbuilds “C” frame 3 axis CNC Router. In good clean condition. Completely enclosed led lit cabinet 670 f/b 660 s/s 600 tall and fitted with cutting head dust extractor and vent for indoor use if required. Emergency stop button, thermometer. The correct DeWalt variable speed router is installed and all spanners and accessories included. The unit (XPro version 3) can run on several control systems but is currently configured with Estlcam control + Estlcam CAM. Requiring only your 2/2.5 or 3D file to proceed through to finish cut. The unit can be sold with or without the HP 3core laptop. Which is a simple USB connection. Will readily install software on your PC if you wish. Happy to give demonstration and run through on the machine to purchaser. The machine is 450 and the configured HP laptop if required is 150. If you have any questions please ask.Click image for larger version. 

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