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    I came here to ask a question, but this thread already seems to mostly answer it...

    I'm converting a Seig SX2.7 bench mill to CNC - I have a number of 1605 ball screws and nuts from a previous project that I'm looking to re-use. The saddle (Y-axis) I've already cut a 400mm screw down and have the end floating. The X-axis - well, I bought the long bed version (700mm) - I have a 700mm (overall) screw but that would lose travel for the end machining - that might be a better fit for the Z. So, I'm looking to cut down a spare 1050mm screw. I have a lathe (ML7) but the spindle bore on this is, I think 5/8" - just too narrow to fit the screw in to machine the end down for the MF bearing. So... I'm thinking - if I understand correctly, the ball screw accuracy is based on the ballscrew facing onto the BK bearing and the lock nut. That's fine - can do that okay. But but not being able to machine the floating end, can I get away with hacksawing the end of the screw off and using a phosphor bronze bush with an ID of 16mm in the newly machined end plate to retain the floating end of the 700mm+ ball screw?, and throw the BF bearing out?

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