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    Good morning all, I've recently bought a Chinese desk top router to support my classic motorcycle hobby, the intention, long term, is to use it to make casting patterns.
    First I need to learn how to use it, I'm fine with conventional machine tools, just got to sort out the CNC bit.
    My first experience of CNC was NC, the code was on a roll of paper, I'm probably giving away my age here!
    So far I have managed to get the (demo) Mach3 to move the spindle in straight and curved lines and control depth of cut, struggling with spindle control and zero setting.
    I've created some simple shapes with Solidworks and used VisualCAM (as part of the Solidworks) for the post processing. I've someway to go with the understanding of the CAM aspects.
    I will be buying a licence for Mach3 shortly, 500 lines is somewhat limiting.
    I think i have reached a point now where I will need some help, so I'll be calling on the collective expertise here!

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    welcome Stumpy32 I have gone from NC to Mach3 and now to gerbl Its a long road but full of interesting things :)

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