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    Thats with stepper motors correct? I might give him a bell.
    I might by the sherline mill with mounts and stepper motors and just use it manually for a while then fit a kit like the one you posted.
    Yep, that price includes steppers.

    Roy deals by email only, don't be put off by it as it will be worth it. I have been and met him when I collected my stuff as he is only about half an hour down the road from me and he is a top bloke. Very helpful and certainly knows what he is talking about.

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    Ok thanks for your time and patience, really appreciate it. I'll do some more thinking which way to go and probably be back with more

    Thanks again.

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    Hi again. I contacted Roy at cnc systems, he said he could sort me out with a ready made kit So thats another thing sorted. Just need to sort out the mach 3 software which i just downloaded. Looks complicated. I do 3D graphics and have Cinema 4d and Rhino 2 which output DXF files. Is that what the cnc software uses?

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    Glad to hear that Roy has sorted you out.

    OK, Mach3 is just a stepper motor control program and a very good one. It needs to be programmed using G codes which is a industry standard that is used worldwide, so you have 2 options -

    1 - Teach yourself how to write G code and write the programs by hand. I still use this method for simple jobs.

    2 - Get yourself a CAD/CAM program which you can import your DXF's and certain format of 3D designs into, the CAM software will then write you the G Code program. Have a look at for starters, should give you an idea.

    I have been using CNC's for quite a few years now and up until recently i used to write all my own programs by hand, now times have changed and using the correct software makes writing G code much easier. Now I do all my modelling in Solid Edge and then load the model into either FeatureCam or ArtCam depending on the type of job I am doing, you then tell it what tools to use and the how you want to machine the job then the software will create the G Code.

    I suggest you teach yourself the G Code basics first and get to understand how it works, google is your friend!

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