I'm looking to machine a "triple offset ring" that will be used as a valve seat for a triple offset butterfly valve. I have access to a number of CNC turn and turn/mill centres which I believe are capable of producing the detail required and all operate using Fanuc control.

This component requires a conical bore machining with a centre line 12.5 degrees from that of the centre line of the part. I have attached a sample part with the boring detail that I need to create, which is required with a Ra0.4 finish and so needs to be turned, not milled.

I would be grateful if someone could advise if this is something that can be programmed on the machine or something that will require CAM? We do have Fusion 360 but I very much doubt that what I'm trying to achieve is within its capabilities. I've seen features like this being machined and so I do know that they can be done on a lathe by reciprocating the X-axis in time with the C-axis but I'm unsure on how to generate a program to this affect (please see the video below for reference).

Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.