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    Hi Everyone my name is Keith

    I was an apprentice scientific instrument maker at the NPL ( 1970 - 74 ) . I ended up working for Oxford Uni. I am now on the point of retiring. Over the past 6 months I have been scavenging all sorts of bits and pieces to make myself a cnc router. I am almost there with the mechanical bits plus the control box. I have gone down the Mach 3 route so I am now looking for an old windows 7 machine. Getting the control box and the computer to talk to each other may be a bit of a struggle as most of my machining has been old school so may be back asking for help.


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    Welcome to the forum Keith. Be aware that Mach3 will only work if using the PP on the 32 bit system.
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    Hi Clive Thanks I am aware of what you said but I have backed myself into a corner and I just want to get it up and running. I may alter the setup in the future but for now it seems the easier route.

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    Hi Keith,

    I am a small business owner and I am trying to get an old machine up and running. I usually try to do everything myself but definitely need the assistance of an experienced hand/ advice. I need to machine a few small parts.

    Are you still ln the area or do you you know anyone that might be interested in helping?

    We are a small firm with a small budget, but I am not expecting time and materials for free.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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