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    How can I test the Motor Vibration of flatbed CNC machine with the help of wireless vibration sensor?
    I am not aware of the parameters which should take care to detect the vibration through this device. Right Now I am only able to get the raw values from the sensor while mounted it on the top of my CNC machine.

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    I've no idea how you'd do it with that sensor, but normally my approach for vibration analysis is to sweep the stimulus frequency (i.e. motor speed in this case) and record the sensor output vs stimulus frequency so you can identify problem frequencies: these can then be investigated further by running a FFT of the sensor output. If there's no easy way to sweep the stimulus, just run some FFT's at a number of different running conditions and look for frequencies that crop up repeatedly ....... then you have to work out what's causing them and how to fix them!

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    A quick look at the accelerometer specs show it is probably not that useful for you. Max sampling is ~900 Hz which is not that high as max useable is ~450 Hz.
    A 24,000 rpm spindle with 2 flute cutter gives 800 Hz for primary impact frequency and there will be higher frequency harmonics of that.

    Only sampling for 0.1 seconds is not long enough to do sweeps plus donít give long enough or FFT averaging over multiple frames.

    As Voicecoil says this is just generating a time history and calculating overall simple parameters such as RMS. it is a simple remote health check for a machine with a known good level for RMS not a deep dive tool.

    You need to have a longer time history and convert this into a frequency spectrum using FFT analysis. This can be done offline if the time signal is recorded onto something first or done live.

    Then you can sweep the spindle and look for peaks then find out the vibration pattern causing this (mode shape) and fix it.

    Or you do modal analysis but you need another channel to measure the force input (from a shaker or hammer)

    This is a big topic and this answer is brief
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